Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings

Ronnie Blaze, Whyte Noyze & Tyler Sloan, Band Nerds, Night School Ninjas, Nyro The Madman

Sat, December 8, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$17.00 - $25.00

This event is all ages

Kottonmouth Kings
Kottonmouth Kings
After 18 years the Kings are finally Legal!! The Kottonmouth Kings have become a underground institution and Phenomenom. The Kings have sold over 4 million records and created a subculture and lifestyle around the groups music and Fashion.

Not one to sit on the sidelines,The kings got back in the Studio and are creating the Musical Landscape for the Future with The Full Length "Krown Power". The Kings plan on a late summer 2014 release. 4/20/14 marked the Dawning of a New Era when the Kings hosted The Buddah Fest and released a free 5 song EP "The Buddha Shack". The reaction has been so powerful,The fan base crashed the Kings Servers hundreds of times with over 70,000+ downloads.

Known Power will set the stage for the Kings new Label founded by Xavier,The United Family Music group. The Label Has a incredibly expansive and eclectic group of Artists That Have a entire years worth of releases Ready to go..It's truly a musical revolution based on progressive technology that provides real time analytics and total transparency for the Artists and Label.

The kings have a busy 2014 &15 launching the new label, music, wrapping up season one of the Kings stoney cartoon "Stonetown" and filming their first full length feature stoner comedy movie.

The Kings crossed the 1M+ on Facebook and have an rapidly expanding network with over 29,000 newsletter subscribers. We have a seasonal merchandise line with new styles and accessories rolling out constantly. It has been empowering taking back one by one all of our income streams that were kept away from us..We have been through hell but the Kings are back to tell the world about their incredible Journey,That will be released on the Free the Kings documentary With Krown Power.

The Kings have so much great music and content to release to the World. D-loc has a solo full length "Bong Tokes & Love Notes", Videos; "Chirp Chirp" and "Represent Peace".

Dirtball Has a Red hot full length "Fire Strike" dropping with special guests Dizzie Wright, Snow Tha Product, Blaze Ya Dead Homey and others! The Dirtball has very intense indie film "Broken Eye" that accompanies "Fire Strike". "Fire Strike" is The Dirtball's 5th solo effort and cements him as one of the most potent lyricist in The Game!
Whyte Noyze & Tyler Sloan
Whyte Noyze & Tyler Sloan
Whyte Noyze with Tyler Sloan
Band Nerds
Band Nerds
This alternative, hip-hop, rock family known for their relatable content, catchy hooks, and high energy. Combining
aggressive rock riffs, catchy hooks, atmospheric pads and synthesizers, witty lyrics, insane turntablism and top that off with a rambunctious stage performance and you've got a musical experience you'll never forget. The six piece collective includes lead vocalist and guitarist Brandon Cross,vocalist Nagee, vocalist and guitarist Scullie Mclendon, drummer Cam I Am, dj and sampler Dj Sol los.

Band Nerds was formed in 2009 in Dallas, Texas. Since they formed they have performed all over Dallas with the sole purpose of captivating listeners and leaving their audience aghast with their electrifying performance. With their influences from multiple genres and background and study of music (some members were actually "band" nerds in high school), Band Nerds has managed to create a unique style of music while still being able to appease listeners of both rock and hip hop. Their is no telling what the future holds for the aggressive alternative group Band Nerds, but all we ask is you do this one thing...

"Join the Movement".....
Night School Ninjas
Night School Ninjas
Alternative Funk Rap Trio. Our sound has developed over more than a decade of playing live in the local scenes of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton, TX.
Nyro The Madman
Nyro The Madman
Nyro the MadMan is a Schizo-Rap artist from Lott,Texas who uses raw emotions,controversial topics and life experiences to paint a picture of just how dark and scary the world really is.

Drew Smith was raised most of his life in a small central Texas town by a single mother. He has always been influenced by music and uses it as a way to express raw emotions and views. His life was a life of trials from being a troubled youth to an adult with his own demons.

In march of 2017 Nyro the MadMan burst onto the local Dallas/Fort Worth rap scene. After a few short stints with 2 different labels the MadMan decided to start his own label Funny Farm Records. So in August of 2017 Funny Farm Records was born. The goal of Funny Farm Records was to support a few local who deserved more push than they were getting. Within less then a month Nyro realized FFR had become more than a label...It had become a movement as the Texas music scene had taken to the team very well and supported them to the fullest as well as some other very good friends and artists who showed immediate love. In return the Funny Farm Records team wanted to do something back for the local DFW scene and started promoting shows. Nowadays FFR promotes shows often and artists that don’t usually get a chance to perform chances to perform with bigger underground names that can help get them stage experience and to build their resume. Nyro himself continues to grow as an artist by leaps and bounds and continues to rise at a fast rate in the Underground Hip Hop Scene. He also does many shows around the country and is a regularly touring artist.
Nyro the MadMan has performed with such names as:

Twiztid,Madchild, Boondox, Bukshot, AMB, SCUM, ABK, Blaze ya Dead Homie, Ouija Macc, Young Wicked, Lex the Hex Master, Gorilla Voltage , Razakel , Damien Quinn, Alla Xul Elu Jarren Benton, Twisted Insane, The Dirtball (Kottonmouth Kings), Underground Avengers, Bonez Dubb, Demun Jones, Claas , Insane Poetry, Smallz One, MMMFD , Liquid Assassin, Statik G, JP tha Hustler , HexRated, Skitzo, Insane LOC , Kamikazi, Donnie Menace, Body Bag Syndikate,Godz of Kaos, T.N.T, Rob Zilla , Thommy Nekro , Texas Microphone Massacre , SSB , SHSM , SicnoizeDnice , SICKGANG , Gravedog , Mo Thugs , Omega Sin , Trilogy and more.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226