Smoky White Devils and  King Zero

Smoky White Devils and King Zero

Bryce Bangs And The Snags, Michael & The Influence, The Roommates

Sat, February 10, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Smoky White Devils
Smoky White Devils
The adrenaline rush of witnessing the birth of a world-class rock band is a rare thing, but the emergence of Nashville’s Smoky White Devils has provided exactly that high-velocity thrill since they formed in 2016. This band of incendiary players has been superheating Music City clubs with high-energy performances that blend the cutting edge of songwriting and rocking sonics with a backbone rooted in the classic sounds, styles and inspirations of some of the most intense musicians and bands of the classic rock era. The result is a musical bridge between the past and present, leading to rock ‘n’ rolls future.

The quartet of veteran players is fronted by Richie Owens on vocals, slide and rhythms guitars, and harmonica. Nick Kane, from the platinum years of The Mavericks, plays lead guitar. Forming the granite-tough rhythm section are Michael “Ferg” Ferguson, consummate session player and touring musician for Country Rock duo, Trailer Choir and bassist John Reed, of longtime Nashville punk rock rebel pioneers Raging Fire.

Owens is also the scion of mountain music royalty. His great-grandfather was the musician who inspired the Jack White character in the movie Cold Mountain. His father, also a picker, managed and wrote songs for Dolly Parton. Owens himself has produced high-profile albums for Parton, the Georgia Satellites and the Kentucky Headhunters, among others, and has several signature instruments under the Washburn brand.

Kane, a Grammy winning musician, has led his own post-Maverick bands and is a master of rock, blues, rockabilly, country and just about any style he dives into with his unrelenting prowess. Reed continues his longstanding musical partnership with Owens, with whom he performed in Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau, and Ferguson has spent time as a session drummer for Dolly Parton as well as performing on stage with artists such as Johnny Solinger of Skid Row.

Together they have forged an unforgettable style and as Smoky White Devils, they are ready to raise some hell.
King Zero
King Zero
In a time where rock and roll seems to only fall into two distinctive categories, candy sweet pop rock and ear-splitting heavy metal, the musical emotion of King Zero defiantly stands apart from both genres. Bringing a sound reminiscent of the music you grew up hearing, yet still originally fresh and inspiring, the five individuals who make up the band blend a diverse and varied background into their own unique alternative sound. Texas Rock-n-Roll outfit King Zero’s latest single “Drive” brings back the era of straight-ahead riff-driven rock accompanied by heartfelt lyrics, melodic hooks, well-crafted songwriting, and soulful vocals that is reminiscent of artists like Tom Petty, Eagles, Faces, and with a flare of Ryan Adams. It’s King Zero’s simplicity and dynamics that’s the real treasure here. It feels as if you stumbled into a bar circa 1976 and discovered your favorite new band.
Bryce Bangs And The Snags
Bryce Bangs And The Snags
Soulful. Bare. Devoted.

The sound and the artist. Capturing an audience whole-heartedly, Bryce Bangs combines a style of blues, rock and soul, while pouring passion and warmth into each note drawing you in seamlessly.

Combining his cigarette laden voice and commanding guitar riffs, the result is something that pulls together the sounds of Ryan Bingham, Gary Clark Jr. and Jack White, while staying unique and creating his own stamp in the industry.

For the past year, Bryce spent time developing his first 5 song EP titled, "She's Gone," a story of love lost, love found and the dark path that we must travel to find that high again. Set for release in Fall of 2015, this will be only the first chapter of what will be a thrilling ride of his musical ambition and continued growth as an artist.

Take a seat and hold on tight. This will be a ride you don't want to miss.
Michael & The Influence
Michael & The Influence
Michael and The Influence was formed in late 2017 by solo artist, singer/songwriter, and musician Michael Austin Sorrells. Our band is dedicated to keep real music alive. We are blues, rock, jazz, soul, and oldies influenced.
The Roommates
The Roommates
We started playing music together since college (circa 2009) due to our friends saying we needed to play together. Years later, we're still doing the one thing we love doing together! We love to play genres of music that most people wouldn't think to change over to be played acoustically. If you love music as much as we do, come out to our next show!
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226