Midgets, Metal & Mayhem

Midgets, Metal & Mayhem

The Great Hanging, Hathor Rising

Thu, June 22, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 12:15 am)

$26.00 - $49.00

This event is all ages

Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation
Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation
This is a body slamming activity... MIDGET STYLE!!!
The World’s smallest wrestlers are competing for the title! Midgets vs. Dwarfs in an all out Pro Wrestling War. Extreme Midget Wrestling will shock and delight you!
We are the baddest little show on earth!
The Great Hanging
The Great Hanging
In the cold hard North Texas, a tornado hit an earthquake which produced a volcano that erupted rainbows into space and exploded the sun, which tore a hole in the universe allowing alien robots to descend into the depths of Valhalla where Jake, Michael, John, and Aaron, happened to be residing but hadn't met yet but teamed up and had been a band ever since.

Saving the Galaxy from threats unknown since 1969
Hathor Rising
Hathor Rising
In December 2014 Katana Haley reached out to the music scene in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX in hopes to creating another Metal band. She found Rickie Matt, Thomas "Taco" Canto, and William Akin, together they founded Hathor Rising.

In May 2015, bass player Tony Clay joined and helped record the single “Fuel Injector”. Later in October 2015, Kelly Berger took the bass position temporarily for Hathor Rising.

In January 2016, Alexander Buxton joined the group after receiving an invitation the year before. Unfortunately, Alex later had to leave in November '16.
In March 2016, after searching for bass players they found James "Dr. Danger" Tilley.

In June 2016, drummer Rickie Matt left the band and in September 2016, drummer Ryan Scott Brown joined Hathor Rising.
Thomas brought most of their songs to the group at the beginning which was quickly absorbed by Katana, Will, and Rickie. Katana, still venturing through a new genre, blasted her amazing, raw, powerful vocals, which quickly amplified the aggressiveness of the songs.

Dr. Jim Danger brought a completely different sound, bringing even MORE energy to the group, and adding his unique style on the bass.

Ryan brings all these sounds to a whole new level, bringing many funk and jazz elements and styles to the group to create a unique sound, complimenting Jim Dangers' funk style, with Tacos' metal style, and Katanas' vocals with flawless succession.

Together they bring a unique take on the Metal that you know and LOVE, revamping it and dishing out many great, original songs! They are currently producing their first CD.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226