Memorial Benefit in Memory of Matt Moseman of Edgewater

Memorial Benefit in Memory of Matt Moseman of Edgewater

Edgewater, DownLo, Meridian, June Halo

Thu, March 16, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 12:00 am)


This event is all ages

Memorial Benefit in Memory of Matt Moseman of Edgewater
Memorial Benefit in Memory of Matt Moseman of Edgewater
EDGEWATER w/ Guest Vocalists
Downlo, June Halo, Meridian

All proceeds go to the Moseman family

Thanks to Trees, 97.1 The Eagle & Universal Rehearsal
"I love what I do," says Edgewater vocalist Matt Moseman. "Not for the fame or the glory, but because I want to create music. My favorite songs are our songs, and my favorite band is Edgewater. And that's a great thing to have."

Edgewater : a singer not in it for show. A drummer called Worm. Two guitarists who seek new socks in every town they visit. And a self proclaimed "outcast guy" for a bassist. Five pieces that don't fit the typical "rockstar" mold-- especially when it comes to their innovative sound.

Needing no mystique to bolster their sound, Edgewater ' s "melodic rock" is poised to storm the modern music scene with its rich dueling guitars, heavy undertones, and vocals ranging from mellow to fierce and driven. "Our music is like our name," explains drummer Jeremy Rees-"Worm" (a nickname referencing gummi, not live). "It's got that edge to it and it's crunchy and really thick in the hardest places, but the overlays and melodies flow like water over the top."
Band Members
Howard Hancox - Vocals
Clint Barlow - Drums
Todd Campbell - Guitar
Bryce Frazier - Guitar
Corey Tatro - Bass
Life is encompassed with an array of emotions spanning the boundaries from elation to depression. This span is a journey that has many sights and stops along the way. Sometimes we are able to alter these emotions, other times they alter us. When a spark is needed to evoke a change, people look outside of themselves to help guide that change. Enter Meridian.

Meridian, although collectively new, is no amateur to the world of music and inspiration. A collection of five unique individuals that purpose themselves on helping to evoke an emotion, be it good or bad. The music and the message do not fit in a certain category, Meridian prides itself on spanning the genres and making the song for the sake of the song. It began in January 2009 as guitarists Mark Sims and Shannon Nedved sought out to create something new and different from the paths they have traveled in the past. They reached out to vocalist Tim Ziegler and quickly began creating the melodic foundation that guide this well-mapped tour of the mind. Soon thereafter, Meridian’s infamous rhythm section would be born with the addition of Chris Gentry and Moe Martinez to shake loose the fibers of every institution they visit.

Meridian prides itself on its live show, a true spectacle that will take everyone present on an emotional joyride. The band truly believes in the concept of entertainment of the mind, body, and soul. The music and the message are just the catalyst, the emotion and response are the victory.

Meridian has completed their self-titled EP with acclaimed producer David Castell, it is available on iTunes, Amazon, and online retailers worldwide.
June Halo
June Halo
June Halo is an original outfit born from the Dallas Fort Worth music scene.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226