(Hed) P.E.

(Hed) P.E.

Motograter, Band Nerds, Hazeland

Sun, June 4, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 12:30 am)

$12.50 - $15.00

This event is all ages

(Hed) P.E.
(Hed) P.E.
The Evolution Tour with DECEMBER IN RED.

Infused with the kind of conviction most rock bands just can't buy, and unafraid to take its fans from classic hip-hop culture to punk, to metal and back again, (hed)p.e. have returned with Back 2 Base X. One of the few bands that constantly reinvents themselves and their sound, (hed)p.e have once again managed to blend '70s punk and hip-hop into one infectious record.

Founded in 1994, (hed)p.e. (the p.e. stands for "planet earth") was the brainchild of front man Jared Gomes (a.k.a. M.C.U.D.), who aspired to create a band that fused the region's long-standing punk rock heritage with G-funk-inflected hip-hop -- a sound he dubbed "G-punk." After a bidding war between labels erupted, (hed)pe released their now classic self-titled debut through Jive Records, then hit the road with Ozzfest and bands like Korn, Static-X, and System of a Down. The band's sophomore effort, Broke, followed in 2000 and unleashed the Top 30 Active Rock Single "Bartender," while the band cemented their already explosive live show with tours alongside P.O.D, Godsmack and Slipknot. Returning in 2003, (hed)pe released Blackout and once again scored a big hit with the album's title track. Finally in 2005, the group rediscovered their "G-punk" roots for the release of Only in Amerika.

In 2006 (hed)p.e have once again re-invented themselves for the release of Back 2 Base X. Recorded live as a band in the studio, the album provides an organic, fresh sound devoid of the computer tricks and over-production that currently plagues music.

The band opens with the classic heavy (hed)pe grooves on "Novus Ordus Clitorus" and "Let's Ride," sounding like a bastardized version of Rage Against the Machine mixed with Suicidal Tendencies, then flips into the reggae/punk-fueled "Beware Do We Go From Here."

"We're not afraid to punch you in the throat with one song and get you stoned with the next joint we play," says (hed)p.e. frontman Jared. "We're down to prove that you don't have to bow down to the corporate suits in order to make an impact on music. I'd rather have true fans that stick around because they are actually into the band, as opposed to fans who like to be spoon-fed through the media."

Often the cause of controversy, frontman Jared Gomes has taken a break from his sometimes XXX-rated lyrics to get introspective and contemplative about his mortality. And also touching on subjects like Freemasonry and the New World Order. The album also introduces listeners to "Sophia", a metaphor for knowledge/wisdom that web savvy individuals find on the internet.

"The last album was a response to all the censorship I experienced with a previous record label and it showcased the dark-perverted side of humanity," he says about his group's last record. "This album reflects the side of each of us that is constantly searching for truth."

Back 2 Base X is (hed)pe's debut album on the lifestyle record label Suburban Noize Records. The California-based label is a massive independent success story, operating completely outside of the mainstream. The movement is an undeniable force in the world of underground music that has numerous major and independent labels trying to replicate it.

"It's nice to be on a record label that understands what we are about. Suburban Noize is the only label that represents millions of American youth that are just not feeling the whole pop-rock self-worship movement," says (hed)pe bassist Mawk. "This label refuses to be bought out by corporate-federal interests and so do we, which makes us a perfect match."

Already gearing for tours in Europe and Japan this year, (hed)pe is eager to share its new sound with the planet. With the band confirmed for a co-headlining run through the US alongside labelmates Kottonmouth Kings. The summer of 2006 promises to be the year of the (hed).

Through a cloud of smoke, (hed)p.e frontman Jared sums up Back 2 Base X with simplicity: "If you're already a fan then you'll love this album, and if you've never heard of us, this joint will definitely get you hooked."
Motograter was formed in 1995 and is most well known for their namesake instrument the “Motograter”, a mysterious contraption designed with industrial cable, guitar pieces, and other components, to create a unique, low, distorted bass sound. The band is widely known for their image, notorious for covering themselves in tribal style body paint. The early stages of the group’s career consisted of heavy experimentation with industrial sounds, samples, and tribal drums. The band released two EP’s ‘Hugh Chardon’ and ‘Indy’ and in 2001 were signed to Sever Records, founded by Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber. The band’s sound continued to evolve, eventually incorporating a dark, groove-oriented guitar styling, that would help broaden the band’s appeal and reach a wider audience. In 2003, the band inked a deal with No Name/Elektra Records and released the highly acclaimed. self-titled album, ‘Motograter’, featuring Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch/Ghost Machine) on vocals. The song “Suffocate” was featured on the soundtrack to the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The song “Down” is featured on the EA Sports video game Nascar Thunder 2004. Motograter toured on the second stage of Ozzfest 2003. Motograter has toured with Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Chevelle, Disturbed, Ministry, Nothingface, Kittie, Mushroomhead, Cradle of Filth, Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, Voivod, and many more.

The Sophomore Motograter album is projected to be fully complete by the end of 2016. Producing the new album is Ahrue Luster, current guitar player for Ill Nino and former guitar player for Machine Head. Mixing the album is Joshua Wickman (King 810, Within The Ruins).
Mister Sam Shearon will be providing the artwork. Shearon has created covers for comic books and graphic novels including Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, Judge Dredd, The X-Files, Mars Attacks, KISS, and Clive Barker’s Books of Blood and album sleeve artwork and merchandise designs for some of the biggest names in rock music, such as Godhead, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Powerman 5000, Biohazard, American Head Charge, Rammstein, Fear Factory and Kill Devil Hill.

Motograter recently completed a North American tour with American Head Charge in May/June 2016. Motograter have been announced as support on the Dope reunion tour along with Flaw, slated for Sept./Oct. 2016.

In the recent past Motograter performed Knotfest, alongside Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Danzig, Anthrax, and more; followed by a 2 month, U.S. Headliner in April/May of 2015. Motograter also recently embarked on the Civil Unrest Tour 2015, with ILL Nino, Straight Line Stitch, and more.
Band Nerds
Band Nerds
This alternative, hip-hop, rock family known for their relatable content, catchy hooks, and high energy. Combining
aggressive rock riffs, catchy hooks, atmospheric pads and synthesizers, witty lyrics, insane turntablism and top that off with a rambunctious stage performance and you've got a musical experience you'll never forget. The six piece collective includes lead vocalist and guitarist Brandon Cross,vocalist Nagee, vocalist and guitarist Scullie Mclendon, drummer Cam I Am, dj and sampler Dj Sol los.

Band Nerds was formed in 2009 in Dallas, Texas. Since they formed they have performed all over Dallas with the sole purpose of captivating listeners and leaving their audience aghast with their electrifying performance. With their influences from multiple genres and background and study of music (some members were actually "band" nerds in high school), Band Nerds has managed to create a unique style of music while still being able to appease listeners of both rock and hip hop. Their is no telling what the future holds for the aggressive alternative group Band Nerds, but all we ask is you do this one thing...

"Join the Movement".....
The roots of HAZELAND go back to the early 2000's when bassist/singer/songwriter Michael Hayes teamed up with some of the best musicians in Dallas, Texas to create an eclectic, progressive, and multi-genre blend of heavy groove rock. After years of playing shows and releasing five studio albums the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus in 2014 to pursue other musical endeavors. It has been a long journey and HAZELAND is now back. The current line-up features Mike Hayes on bass guitar and vocals, Cecil Gilmore on vocals, Pete Franco on guitar, Jiggy Judy on guitar, James Brennaman on guitar, and Gary Dacus on drums. “If we stay true to ourselves and continue writing about what drives us, the rest will continue to fall into place. This art is our passion" states Hayes. HAZELAND has established its presence playing alongside several premier groups. Hayes and company have shared the stage with HELL YEAH, HED PE, DROWNING POOL, SALIVA, DAYS OF THE NEW, HURT, SMILE EMPTY SOUL, TRUST COMPANY, BURN HALO, POWERMAN 5000, AND SPINESHANK among many other talented groups. Their progressive and multi-genre style has been sought after by venues and management alike. With many decades of collective musical experience in the current HAZELAND line-up, this group of lifelong friends look forward to the future and will continue creating it's unique brand of music for years to come.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226