Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Trees venue.

Where is Trees located?

TREES is located in the heart of Deep Ellum:

Get directions to Trees via our Contact page.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets for shows are available here at or on our Facebook @treesdallas as well as TREES Box Office (Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express), on

Where do I park?

There are lots behind Trees off Elm Street. Please see the attendant and they will wave you in.

Click Here for additional lots in Deep Ellum

Is Trees an all-ages venue?

Trees is 16+ to enter, 21+ to drink with I.D. People under 16 can come to Trees but require supervision.

Are there seats in Trees or is it standing room only?

There is some seating available. Most shows at Trees are general admission and seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you desire a table reservation please contact Trees at 214-741-1122 and ask to speak with a manager to see if a reservation is possible.

I have a 7 year old son that I want to bring to the show? Does he need a ticket?

All patrons must have a ticket, regardless of age.

What time does my show start or end?

Each show varies. Generally speaking doors are usually at 7pm and the show will start shortly afterward. The ending time varies by show as well. You should check with security or the box office on the way in for information.

How many people will be at this concert I'm going to?

It depends on how many tickets sell. TREES capacity is expandable and shrinkable depending on the show, ticket demand, etc. Some shows may be more populated than others, though it’s TREES goal to consistently provide a comfortable concert experience.

Are cameras or tape recorders allowed?

TREES camera policy varies from concert to concert. At some events, artists explicitly forbid fan photography. In these cases TREES cannot allow cameras of any sort to be brought into the venue and will do its best to inform fans of this policy via our website or Facebook page.

At other events, artists allow fan photography, which TREES respects by allowing fans to bring cameras into the venue. In these instances, only simple, point-and-shoot, non-professional cameras will be permitted.

TREES reserves the right to deny camera use at any time before, during, or after the concert and to prohibit the use of any camera that is deemed by TREES and/or the artist to be unacceptable. Under no circumstances are fans permitted to use video recording devices at TREES.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes. We have a lot located directly behind the venue. Please address attendants at the time you are parking if you have any questions and or concerns.

Here are additional lots available in Deep Ellum!

Is Trees handicap accessible?

Yes, Trees is fully ADA compliant. If you have special needs and want to attend a show at Trees, please call in advance at 214-741-1122 to make sure we can facilitate your needs. We want to make sure your concert experience is pleasurable. If you can’t reach someone, please leave message and a manager will return your call as soon as possible.

I want to interview a band or review a show. How do I go about this?

All interview and review requests must be made through the band’s record label or publicity person. Please contact the specific band’s label for information. Likewise, TREES does not issue photo passes; you must contact the band’s publicity personnel to gain such credentials.

I lost my cell phone, credit card, wallet, backpack, jacket, etc at Trees. What do I do?

TREES maintains a Lost And Found box at its offices. Email for more info on lost and found items. We do our best to reunite lost items with their owners but TREES is not responsible for items left on the premises.


I want to rent Trees for a social event. How do I go about this?

Go HERE to inquire about renting TREES for your social gathering. TREES is the perfect place to hold a business function, company party, holiday party, Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah, christening, birthday, anniversary party… you name it! Catering services are available as well. Find out more on our Special Events page.

I'd like to rent a Trees VIP area during one of your events. How do I go about this?

Fill this form out  to make arrangements to rent the VIP area. Arrangements should be made several weeks in advance.

Do you offer discount tickets for group sales?

Depending on the event. Inquire at our office at

Is there an up-charge for minors?

Yes, There is a $5 up-charge on minors tickets. It only applies when it is ticketed as a general event and the $5 fee is not added into the ticket. You will see the option for a +21 ticket or a -21 ticket online. If that option is not there, it will be applied at the door upon entry.

The weather outside is frightening. Is my show cancelled?

Should inclement weather force us to postpone a show, you can visit this site or our Facebook & Twitter for information.

I won tickets from a radio station, but I can't go to the show. Can I put my friend's name on the list instead?

That’s solely up to the radio station, not TREES. Once we have a list from a station, we don’t make any changes to it. You should contact the station well in advance of the show to see if they allow such changes to be made.

I can't make the show. Can I give the tickets to my friend?

Tickets bought for show at Trees are not transferrable unless the original purchaser contacts and has them change the name on will call before Noon the day of the show. Once will call is printed a name cannot be changed.

What is will call? How do I get my tickets?

Will Call is a list of ticket buyers that is kept at the box office. Upon your arrival, show your I.D. at the box office and let the door manager know you’re on Will Call. Once we find your name, we cross you off the list and let you inside. It’s that easy. If you are on Will Call, an actual hard ticket is not issued and cannot be picked up in advance.

Is smoking allowed at Trees?

No, Trees has a smoke free facility. We do have a smoking patio on the west side of the building for those who would like a cigarette break. This is actually a city ordinance of which we must remain compliant. NO Exceptions will be made.

I saw tickets for a show at Trees on a different website. Can I buy them there, too?

Please Never…..Never…..Never….. buy tickets from another website, ebay, stubhub, or craigslist. Most of the time they just buy a regular tickets from us, then up charge you for something that you could have bought off of or to begin with.

Do I need ID to enter the venue?

An ID is only required if you plan on drinking alcohol. Because we are an all-ages venue, we take checking ID’s very seriously. In compliance with DC laws, anyone 21 and older who plans on drinking alcohol will have to show a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID, no matter how old you think you may look. Anyone without proper ID, regardless of age, will be treated as under 21 and not allowed to buy, hold or drink alcohol. This policy is strictly enforced and any violation will result in immediate ejection from the venue.

Do you have a dress code?

We only insist that you be dressed and wear shoes. Sensible footwear is strongly advised. Personal items such as pocket knives, pepper spray, flasks, outside food and drinks or anything that could be considered dangerous, or contraband will not be allowed in the building. Purses and bags will be searched prior to entry.

Is there public transportation available?

Yes. The nearest DART train stops to The Bomb Factory are Deep Ellum and Baylor University Medical Center. All other DART information can be found at Additionally, Uber and Lyft are both viable options for getting to the show.

Where should we go out to eat before the show?

There are plenty of restaurants in the neighborhood. Here’s a list:

I'm coming to the show from out of town. Are there any hotels nearby?

Address: 1933 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (214) 741-7700

Address: 555 S Lamar, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 744-6664

What are my payment options in the venue?

All bars take both cash and debit or credit card. Additionally, there are ATM’s on site. We do not take traveller’s checks.

How can I book a show at Trees?

Please fill our this form completely!

Can you scan my ticket from my smartphone?

Yes. Please have it pulled up on your phone with your brightness turnt up!

Do you have a coat check?

No, we do not offer coat check.

Does Trees have an email list? How do I join?

Yes. You can sign up on the homepage on the top right.

Where can I find the most current updates on Trees shows?

All show listings and updates will be posted on our website.

Is there an ATM in or near the venue?

Yes, there is an ATM on site.

Is there a security screening for entering the venue?


I forgot to close my tab at the bar. Where can I pick up my credit card?

You can pick it up from the box office, which is open after doors every night there is a show. Check our calendar to see what it’s open.

What time do people start to line up for the show?

Varies from show to show. Wish we knew!

Can I bring my iPad? Selfie stick?

We do not allow either.  Enjoy the show that’s happening right in front of you!

What are the box office hours?

The box office is open every night there is a show after doors open.

Are there any opening acts?

Openers will usually be listed on the website.

Do you offer internships?

Yes. Please email your resume and availability to