Exploder, dead rising, LOW GEAR, Silvertonguedevil

Fri, November 6, 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

What started as "another" simple facebook page (DALLAS METAL SCENE) just for the use of DFW Metal bands to promote their shows, has now evolved into a growing promotional group that put together shows and who promote in the DFW area.
Bringing Thrash back to Dallas!
Of course! A simple method of digesting both genius and interactive art. An original creation seeded from a structured psychosis that developed into an engaging rupture of rhythmic strongholds…………..

LOW GEAR - aggressive, visually explosive, and directivly captivating, in unison, they are an animated depiction, of manifested adrenaline. Founding members Gotti and Rojo both felt at equals with their disturbing forethoughts of what is now Low Gear. Somewhat contorted and multi-dimensional, a search for the next cast member yielded the charismatic Mucky, supplying Low Gear with a strong and immediate attack-and-control mentality. Low Gear’s receptive channeling explores and exploits the genius in what some describe as mental sickness. Thus, claiming its final members, Goat and Minister Roach, was a predestined conscription. A 2-song demo was released in late 1999 and quickly spread from Dallas, to the web, to a mammoth number of silicon embodiments across the world. What’s next? The release of one of the BEST albums in history: ‘Siktunes’ -an aural environment that has captured SUCH intense musical expression, it CONSUMES the listener as the cerebral falls victim to the unforgivable groove that induces an endorphin fueled manic-delirium.

Lead singer - Minister Roach - self described and misunderstood as “A very problematic and concentrated, polar-faction-activist, or in other words, a very sick man, he seems to be a vehicle to empowered expression. A seemingly disturbed, undeviating prodigy, barely at grips with his own stirring insanity.

Guitarist - Rojo - What a sadistic form of euphoric battering, this unit displays obsessive ferocity while still compassionate enough to issue TOE-TAGS to the casualty’s traumatized by the Low Gear assault. Rojo’s personification balances on his caged acumen and an eccentric aura perversely maintained, sadistically extended to traumatize the empathetic.

Bassist – A Train – at this point you’ll need to realize it’s not as bad as it seems..... ITS WORSE. A self-taught explosives specialist, this one actually spent 3 and a half years in a South Cambodian jungle capturing Asian Mountain Gorillas for genetic research. A very intimidating force, A Train provides the overwhelming SUBS that brick and mount Low Gear’s solidity.

Guitarist – Rob – well lets see; I had the distinct opportunity to spend more than a month and a half on the road with this freak, it was interesting to witness self induced pandemonium, that strangely enough, was actually focused into a persistent and imperceptible, reconstruction of his own experiences with spiritually expressive devastation. Needless to say, his campaign to convey feeling through musical expression has been honed and polished.

Drummer - Gotti – If you envisioned Low Gear as a callous war machine then Gotti would be the merciless, axe-wielding maniac that employs aggression with impeccable timing. A very well educated individualist, Gotti told me, “Obtaining a degree in medicine is a difficult task. I studied at UCLA, medical arts was like a synthetic womb to me, the brutal internships would put me constantly in somebody’s warm insides, it was the best of times.” Acquitted 3 years ago on all counts, this clever “intestinal engineer” must be the impact philanthropist of the NEW MILLENNIUM!
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226