NYE: Ishi

NYE: Ishi

Dezi 5, TRUDEF, SuperSonic Lips

Thu, December 31, 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$15.00 - $30.00

This event is all ages

Ishi was born as an experiment between friends in Dallas, TX. In 2006, JT Mudd & Brad Dale set out to create a sound that would redefine their own voice in modern day music. Their vision was to blend the classic, soulful story-telling and organic instrumentation of traditional folk music, with the infinite sonic possibilities offered through electronic production. Experimentation quickly evolved into a journey of sound that would ultimately lead to Ishi’s debut, Through the Trees, released May of 2010 and Digital Wounds April of 2013.

Juno will be released on September, 16th for the band’s fifth independent release and the third EP of their catalog. The new collection of songs range from funk, nu disco, and indie rock bathed in the gospel of Prince/LCD Sound System. Ishi teamed up again with UK artist James Marsh most known for his creative album concepts with experimental UK band Talk Talk.

As musicians who consistently use their music and live shows to uplift and inspire their fans, Ishi has decided to be leaders in the music industry by using their voice to improve the quality of life for those suffering from various cognitive diseases. The release of their new ep, Juno will benefit non-profit Music Is Our Weapon who provides personal music programs for those battling Alzheimer’s and dementia, PTSD, Autism, Parkinson’s and various other cognitive disorders.

50% of all digital sales raised by the EP will go directly to Music Is Our Weapon’s ongoing effort to provide a sustainable source of digital music in healthcare environments to increase life quality. By providing caregivers with the tools and support necessary to serve those in need with access to the music they love, they will be able to simultaneously collect data to further understand the power of music as medicine.

Ishi’s ability to successfully walk the line between an ambitious studio act and a multi-sensory live experience allows them to engage their audiences in an uplifting celebration of life. Their subtle undertones of inner-exploration combine to create a concert experience that is unequivocally one-of-a-kind. Each night, Ishi intends to create an entirely unique environment of mysticism, awareness, love and acceptance. Adored by fans and critics alike, there is no denying that Ishi is an immersive experience that everyone should discover.
Dezi 5
Dezi 5
Dezi 5 is a singer-songwriter and music art divo who encourages everyone to LOSE CONTROL! Dezi 5 is recognized as a soul/pop vocalist and high energetic performer, he has been performing all over the country as an entertainer. He realized his love for dance music and began experimenting with electro beats and Avant-garde music giving him the title as Dallas’ Best Kept Secret which earned him 5 Dallas Observer nominations in 2015.

Dezi 5 released his first EP ‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor’ which brilliantly re-invents dance music for our time. A stunning creative leap into dimensions of EDM, elements of Trap, future disco, and 90s house music. Crucifixion on the Dance Floor features Dezi’s debut single ‘LOSE CONTROL,’ an unapologetic club joint and ‘Dallas, Bitch!’ a city anthem that proclaims his love for Dallas. COTDF establishes Dezi 5’s place in the dance clubs and fashion runways. It’s a mesmerizing sound that evokes embellishments and excitement, energy and innovation. Dezi is a true superstar with his incredible showmanship and larger than life persona. He is a world class entertainer with high energy generating the style of SOUL/POP. It’s the energy of our past present and future. There’s so much to be expected from this ICON in the making.

Dezi is currently recording his first LP “Expose You” which is soon-to-be-released. He will be featured in the years Oaktopia as well as preparing for the launch of his “Expose You Tour” in 2017.
Music. We’ve come to know, institutionalize, and adore its ability to reach the masses; to create subcultures through which audiences across the world identify themselves; to represent a certain set of ideals and dreams; to use melodies and lyrics as a gateway to the hearts and minds of fans; to give people something to believe in.

Time. It’s changed the face and purpose of music in more ways than one would care to conjure up. The ideals have changed along with the dreams. The lyrics that inspired people to move toward change have been replaced by empty slang. The melodies are no longer original, only simple replicas of music composed generations ago.

We’ve been anticipating a shift in the content of music that is being produced. We’ve been patient as the parade of one-hit radio wonders meandered through the airwaves. We’ve welcomed the few artists who broke that worn-out mold and threw a middle finger up to our current standard of normality. We’re ready to welcome another.

Tru Def, better known to his family and friends as Desmond Williams, has come a long way from the traditional, southern-bred community into which he was born. Drawing from the experiences of his father’s musical career, along with the journeys taken by motivational artists such as Kanye West, J. Cole, and Will.I.Am, Tru Def was headed in the direction of music from a young age. Although the bulk of his music is considered hip-hop, he does not limit himself to a single genre and experiments with pop/electronic-infused beats, creating a multi-dimensional sound that really gets the people going.

Becoming an overnight success is every musician’s greatest fantasy, but not everyone can be so lucky. In the meantime, Tru Def has been able to harness his talents and learn the real definition of hard work. From producing YouTube music videos, to performing at college venues and opening for artists like Fabolous, to creating new and original beats, he is continuously taking steps toward perfecting his craft and becoming a musical force to be reckoned with. His most recent project, “Forever,” is a testament to that hard work. With a track list of original lyrics and beats, “Forever” sets Tru Def apart from the crowd and is merely an indication of the type of artist he will one day become.

Until then, think. Think of how much time we’ve wasted on generically branded songs. Think of globally universal lyrics. Think of peeling back layers of music instead of listening to flat sounds. Think of musical ingenuity. Think of Tru Def.
SuperSonic Lips
SuperSonic Lips
Founded in Dallas, TX in 2011, SuperSonic Lips have been nominated as “Best Latin Band” by the Dallas Observer four years in a row (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Currently, the band consists of founders Yaya Lion (vocals, synths) and Saulo Ramón (guitars, synths), as well as Jawdat Anguiano (drums) and Miguel Santana (bass).

They are known for their upbeat concerts and flexible sound, which has allowed them to perform with a wide range of artists from different genres (Ishi, Blue The Misfit, Sealion, Mayta, Nite, Crocodiles, AJ Davila, Ken South Rock).

In 2015, SuperSonic Lips released their debut EP, “Grey Space.” Recorded and produced by Jordan Richardson (Son of Stan), the EP has received numerous comparisons to the sounds of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, and The Kills. SuperSonic Lips recently took part in Ninkasi Brewing Company’s “Last Band Standing” program (also presented by Spune, Untapped Festival, and Do214) and emerged as winners of the competition; they earned free recording time at Ninkasi Studios in Oregon, as well as a spot in Untapped Festival 2016 alongside TV On The Radio and Gogol Bordello.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226