Dark Avenue, Break My Fall, Hazeland, Waves of Chaos

Sat, December 22, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

MESSER means "knife" in German, and the Dallas, Texas band expects to cut a memorable swath through the Rock world in 2018, starting with new single "Make This Life". The song is going for adds now at Active Rock radio and available everywhere for streaming and download on January 19th.

The band's cutting edge modern rock sound was born through serendipitous connections in the thriving Deep Ellum music scene of Dallas, an area that has given rise to iconic Hard Rock and Metal bands like Pantera, Drowning Pool, Hell Yeah, and King's X. Dereak knew he wanted to pursue singing as a career while in High School in Iowa and started honing his chops with local bands. After high school he moved to Dallas to pursue his music career professionally. His first
contact was with Dallas native Javier, who was making a name for himself playing in
Jagermeister sponsored bands Mudflap and Pimpadelic. The two bonded at a show and became the genesis of Messer. While looking for a place to get his hair cut, Dereak walked into Maddox’s Hair salon on a whim. The two struck up a conversation about music and another connection was made. Kenny was traveling from his home in Canada to an audition in Phoenix when his car broke down in Dallas. He ended up staying in town and found success playing with the band Strangleweed, who made an appearance on the nationally televised Courtroom show "Eye for an Eye". That caught the attention of the members of Messer, and Kenny became part of the family. Donnie was playing in various Dallas bands and gaining attention as an award-winning Tattoo artist. Maddox would play Donnie tracks the band was working on and in turn, Donnie would play music he was recording at his own home studio. As Messer continued to develop as a band, they knew they wanted to add an additional guitar player, and they all agreed
that Donnie was a great fit. The lineup for Messer was solidified.

The band grew their fan base locally, and began to branch out regionally and nationally, opening for notable bands such as Sick Puppies, Candlebox, Hinder, Vince Neil, Black Stone Cherry, Lynch Mob, Drowning Pool, Local H, Trapt, Metallica, Dokken, Scott Stapp Of Creed, Avenged Sevenfold, and Buck Cherry. It was on one of these tours that the band caught the attention of Los Angeles based writer/producer, Chad Gendason. The band felt an immediate comradery with Chad and a lasting bond was made. Messer started writing with Chad, and their first
collaboration became "Simple Man". Fan favorite "Whiskey" soon followed and the songs started to flow into what would eventually become their self-titled debut album "Messer", which will be released on 4/20/18 on Maddpants Records. The album was mixed by Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed) and mastered by Tom Baker (Papa Roach, David Bowie, Motley Crue).
The band's desire for creative expression and to touch as many lives as possible is what drives them forward. 2018 is shaping up to be the year that Messer cuts through the noise and clutter of the Rock world and makes it mark.
MESSER is a band that is building a brand of new rock that blurs the line between nostalgia and modern art, leaving the listener with a sound that is not only familiar but also NEW and ADDICTIVE.
Dark Avenue
Dark Avenue
Sometimes things catch fire. Just ask Dark Avenue. Originally formed as a side project to the Dallas/Fort Worth heavyweight Pistol Whippin Ike, three of the members began writing alternate jams for fun – and the project instantly sparked a wildfire. In a short amount of time the band established a reputation in the DFW area, performed with acts like Pop Evil, Queensrÿche, Red Sun Rising, Bobaflex, 36 Crazyfists, and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance their first recordings. With the release of their debut album Illusions, Dark Avenue have bridged the gap between metal and hard rock – and Texan crowds have been drawn to their fulgent flame.
Formed in 2014, Dark Avenue is comprised of guitarists Barry Lorberbaum and Andrew Lewthwaite, bassist Alan Sauls, drummer Jeff Hathcock and vocalist Mario Cadena. The band’s first recording was Seasons Change, a five-song EP whose title track was the catalyst that ignited regional interest. It spurred a showcase during SXSW/Austin Music Week and a development deal with Breakout Artist Management, who fostered their growth and transcended them beyond the Dallas scene.
“The scene in Dallas is super vibrant,” explains Lorberbaum. “But there wasn’t anyone bridging the gap between heavy bands and the lighter bands. The heavy music crowds stuck to their bands, and the alterative/hard rock fans stuck to theirs. You did not see any crossover fans. That gap is bridged with our music. The metal fans get their heavy, and the alt-rock fans get their more mainstream sound, and all get songs they can relate and sing along to.”
That middle ground between heavy and light is where the nexus of creativity lies for Illusions. In the center of a Killswitch Engage/Imagine Dragons Venn diagram, the first single “Outside” is colossal and robust, yet driven by dynamic and melodic vocals. Perhaps that’s why it’s been featured on several nationally televised MMA events. Then there’s the song "Una Vez Mas," the group’s first single in Spanish. Its overwhelming response prompted the band to track Spanish versions of their songs for a future deluxe release of Illusions. And let’s not forget the crowd favorite “Maybe Tomorrow.” It won Video of The Year at the 2016 Krave Music Awards and helped them take home the grand prize: Artist of The Year.
“I want people to leave listening to the album like they were right there with us,” says Cadena, “feeling what we were feeling, seeing what we were seeing, as if they were part of it.”
The roots of HAZELAND go back to the early 2000's when bassist/singer/songwriter Michael Hayes teamed up with some of the best musicians in Dallas, Texas to create an eclectic, progressive, and multi-genre blend of heavy groove rock. After years of playing shows and releasing five studio albums the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus in 2014 to pursue other musical endeavors. It has been a long journey and HAZELAND is now back. The current line-up features Mike Hayes on bass guitar and vocals, Cecil Gilmore on vocals, Pete Franco on guitar, Jiggy Judy on guitar, James Brennaman on guitar, and Gary Dacus on drums. “If we stay true to ourselves and continue writing about what drives us, the rest will continue to fall into place. This art is our passion" states Hayes. HAZELAND has established its presence playing alongside several premier groups. Hayes and company have shared the stage with HELL YEAH, HED PE, DROWNING POOL, SALIVA, DAYS OF THE NEW, HURT, SMILE EMPTY SOUL, TRUST COMPANY, BURN HALO, POWERMAN 5000, AND SPINESHANK among many other talented groups. Their progressive and multi-genre style has been sought after by venues and management alike. With many decades of collective musical experience in the current HAZELAND line-up, this group of lifelong friends look forward to the future and will continue creating it's unique brand of music for years to come.
Waves of Chaos
Waves of Chaos
Dallas based Hard Rock band Waves of Chaos unleashes a sound filled with low and heavy guitars, powerful vocals with gripping lyrics and of course hard hitting drums that will get your heart pumping and blood flowing every time. Influences stem from some of the greatest Rock bands including Deftones, Alice in Chains, Tool, and Soundgarden to NIN, Chevelle, Sevendust, Rage Against the Machine and many more. Formed in 2011 and re-established in 2017, Deep Ellum has welcomed Waves of Chaos with shows at some of Dallas’s most prestigious Rock venues. Over time, they’ve shared the stage with some of today's biggest Rock bands including 10 Years, Drowning Pool, Adrenaline Mob, Messer, Egypt Central, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and many more. Gaining new fans and friends at every show, their fanbase has become an unparalleled group of familiar faces.

When Waves of Chaos formed in 2011, two members of the band had already become close friends after playing together in a local band out of Dallas called Shining Silence prior to WOC. Jeremy Fox on drums and Daniel White on guitar knew they had great chemistry but were missing something but couldn't quite figure it out, so they decided to start a new band. During that time, front man Paul Read who was new to the scene after leaving his hometown of Nashville, TN, decided that it was time to make a change and start new in the big city of Dallas, TX. After just a few months of holding and playing auditions, Paul received a phone call after walking back to his car from an X Factor audition which led to just one more audition. It took all three just one practice to realize that they had something special and now all they needed was a bassist to complete the band. Unfortunately, finding the right bassist isn't the easiest task and though they played with some great bassists over the years, it wasn't until 2017 when a young bassist by the name of Sam Thornton entered the practice room that they knew this is who they've been looking for all along. The talent and energy that pours out of him continues to make the so-called vets of the band step up their game on every level.

Taking things one day at a time and enjoying every opportunity to play for fans, to record music and lastly to express themselves through their God-given talents is what keeps this band moving in a direction that looks ever so bright!
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226