And One

And One

iioioioii, Pleasure Crisis, DJ Lord Byron

Sun, March 24, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

This event is all ages

And One
And One
The band formed after Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz met in 1989 at a Berlin club.[1] Being fans of early EBM music, Naghavi and Ruiz decided to follow in the footsteps of new wave/synthpop band Depeche Mode by using two keyboards and a beatbox. Jason Ankeny of AllMusic called their 1990 single, "Metal Hammer", a "significant club hit".[1] The duo became a trio with the addition of Alex Two, prior to the release of their debut album, Anguish in 1991. That same year, they were honored as the Best New Artist in Germany.[2]
Going into the release of Anguish, they had already garnered a decent following through touring and appearances at various parties. With their debut release, they took home the Best New Artist award in Germany in 1991. Chris Ruiz left in 1992 (he would later return in 2001) while Steve Naghavi remained with the band. And One released three more albums with Machinery Records, Flop! (1992), Spot(1993) and I.S.T. (1994). The band left Machinery around 1996–1997 and signed to Virgin Schallplatten. And One would release four albums on this label between 1997 and 2003: Nordhausen (1997), 9.9.99 9 Uhr (1998), Virgin Superstar (2000) and Aggressor (2003).
The next And One album, Bodypop, was released on 1 September 2006 by Out of Line in Europe and on 7 November 2006 on Metropolis Records in the US. The single "Military Fashion Show" preceded the album. The band pulled out of their 2007 US tour with VNV Nation for unknown reasons.[3]
In November 2007, And One announced the release of Bodypop 1½,[4] an EP with covers of songs by Depeche Mode ("Never Let Me Down Again"), Front 242 ("Operating Tracks"), D.A.F. ("Der Mussolini"), Nitzer Ebb ("I Give to You") and The Cure ("Kyoto Song"). Three weeks later, the EP was cancelled and a full-length cover album announced.[5] The album was finally released on 30 January 2009, but with a completely different track listing, featuring live cover versions of various synthpop hits such as New Order's "Blue Monday" and Pet Shop Boys' "It's a Sin".
And One released the album, Zerstörer Destroyer in early 2011, composed of four studio songs and three live performances, including Zerstörer (Peine I.S.T. Die Ansage 2011 Mix).
The band's next album, Tanzomat, was released on March 4, 2011. A single, "Zerstörer" was released on January 21 prior to the album, but is not included on the album.
On June 4, 2011, Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli announced they were leaving And One; they formed a new band called PAKT.[6] Four days later, on June 8, 2011, Steve Naghavi announced the return of both Joke Jay and Rick Schah via the band's official Facebook page. The band's new album, S.T.O.P., was released on May 25, 2012. Two singles have been released to promote the record.[7]
On August 8, 2014, And One released their 12th studio album Magnet.[8] The album was released by itself, and as the Magnet Trilogie I Box in regular and limited editions on C.D. and vinyl. The Magnet Trilogie I Box features the additional new albums Propeller and Achtung 80. The Premium Edition contains all 3 albums, and 3 additional live albums of the And One Forever Tour 2014 as follows: Disc 1 - Propeller "Live". Disc 2 - Magnet "Live". And Disc 3 - Achtung 80 "Live".
Started in 2012 IIOIOIOII (Pronounced I.O.) was formed by Christopher Gurney on a corner desk in his bedroom. Chris spent years slowing shaping the current sounds to match the tones and melodies in his head. Going from rough and distorted tones with growling and raspy vocals to smooth sounds by going both backwards and moving forward at the same time in style.

In late 2013 IIOIOIOII released Sun which gained accolades from the European Industrial music scene and was named the third best release of 2013 by Brutal Resonance.
Pleasure Crisis
Pleasure Crisis
Forward in sound and lyrical content, Dallas synthwave trio Pleasure Crisis are currently bringing their first round of live shows to the stage. Carefully crafted songs have culminated in a setlist that is both polished and perfected. Sultry, powerful feminine vocals glide over retrofuturistic synth sounds, driving guitars, pulsing basslines, and dynamic drums detailing both the honesty and vulnerability in love - love lost, love won, and love unrequited.

Initiated by bassist Cameron Brand, the idea of Pleasure Crisis was conceived in Summer 2015 after the demise of his band AT NIGHT. Having performed in numerous other bands of wide ranging styles - Apparatus, Blackheart Society - and opening for several national acts - VHS or BETA, Black Angels - Cameron decided to veer into a different musical direction. Seeking a female vocalist for a refreshing change of pace, Cameron reached out to singer/guitarist Brandi Paige. Brandi herself had garnered much attention over the years as guitarist and vocalist for the Opus Flux as well as touring nationally with other bands. Cameron and Brandi soon recruited the controlled, precise skills of former AT NIGHT drummer Brian Johnson to complete the lineup.
Together, Cameron, Brandi, and Brian draw on influences as retro as Missing Persons and Berlin and as modern as The Sounds and Chrvrches to produce a sound that could best be described as fast forwarding a Miami Vice soundtrack to the future. It’s each member's deep roots in playing live, however, that add an additional layer to their live set, making them easily accessible to rock and electronic fans alike.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226