Chad Valley

Tue, October 24, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh man, this guy might be better than me, and that’s
really awesome.’ I always wanted to work with people who I was a little bit
intimidated by,” says Josh Epstein of how he came to collaborate with fellow
Detroit-area native Daniel Zott to form JR JR. Coming together through a shared love for bands that effortlessly flexed harmonies like the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, the multi-instrumentalists recorded a couple songs in 2009 just for fun. It wasn’t until their friends started reacting with genuine excitement to their music that they realized they had something real on their hands, and with that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. was born (the band’s original name).

“We suddenly had this thing that people wanted and we were sort of forced into it, but it was a natural thing,” recalls Josh. They put out two EPs on Quite
Scientific Records in 2010, Horse Power (which included a cover of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”) and My Love Is Easy: Remixes Pt. 1, and soon major labels were reaching out to them. The band shortly thereafter signed with Warner Bros. Records to its 2011 full-length debut, It’s A Corporate World.

With 2013’s The Speed of Things and 2015’s JR JR (which featured the top 10 Alternative single, “Gone”), the duo continued to expand its already broad fanbase. Listeners across genre lines were drawn in by their adventurous, danceable blend of classic songwriting, intricate melodies and electronic elements. “Epstein and Zott remain purveyors of kaleidoscopic pop music,” said Paste. AllMusic noted, “Despite the use of zingy electronics and an array of mechanical drums, they maintain a warmth and humanness to their sound led by frequent McCartney-esque turns of melody…”

“It can be interesting that for some people, we’re the weirdest band they listen to, and for others, we’re seen as very mainstream”, says Daniel Zott. “And that’s great because it allows us to speak to people in very different ways.”

Daniel and Josh wanted to avoid the typical trappings that come with having defined roles in a band, so there’s no frontman in JR JR, just two guys who relish in the ying and yang of a close partnership. They continue to do the bulk of the creative work themselves – from writing and producing their songs to designing JR JR’s stage show.

“Dan is the most relaxed person that I’ve ever met,” says Josh, “he’s really nice, really caring, and he doesn’t take much personally and he doesn’t let much get him down. I’m the opposite. I’m high strung, over-analytical sometimes.” The balance of personalities is what helps helm their left-of-center sound into accessible pop.
Chad Valley
Chad Valley
Born from Oxford’s famously closeknit and innovative artistic community, Chad Valley’s musical ambition has always stretched far beyond the context of its creation. Early EPs Chad Valley and Equatorial Ultravox were produced Hugo Manuel’s bedroom, but conveyed the exotic flair fit for the early hours at a paradisiacal island nightspot. The thoroughly modern pop producer released his debut album Young Hunger in 2012, and it’s considerably more consummate than most first outings. The album was a collaborative affair, featuring guest vocalists such as Twin Shadow , Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Active Child which all goes to display the wide scope with which this album was conceived. The two years following the release of Young Hunger saw Chad Valley tour relentlessly across the world. There were two headline tours in the US (with sold out shows across all the major markets) and a simarly sucessful European one. Support tours with many highprofile artsists have introduced his music to wide audience and in a similar manner, the inclusion of his song Shell Suite in the number one box office smash film Warm Bodies has seen legions of new fans and close to 1 million plays of the song on YouTube.
Most recently, at the end of 2014 Chad Valley supported Erasure on a soldout run of dates around UK and Ireland ending with an intimate 200 capactiy headline show in London which sold out in three days. Since then he has been busy finishing his follow up to Young Hunger, which is slated for an October 2nd release with Cascine Recvords and in Japan on Rallye Records.
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Dallas, TX, 75226