Mad Mexicans

Mad Mexicans

Rivethead, Gun Hill, When Angels Die

Fri, May 5, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

Mad Mexicans
Mad Mexicans
The Mad Mexicans are a Dallas based super Latino band comprised of styles such as hip-hop/rock/latin jazz mixed with the vocals in languages of English and Spanish. The Mad Mexicans are comprised of El Mero RockStar (Nelo Moa) on Bass, Robert Garza on vocals, Rafa Badillo on vocals, Geronimo (Johnny Lozano) on guitar and Rogelio Martinez (El Viejo) on Drums. The Mad Mexicans have been assembled from a various bands in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area such as PornLAB, Blitzt, MFI & Silver Pill.

Mad Mexicans was formed in summer of 2002. Since then, the band has played with several national and local acts around the DFW Metroplex. Mad Mexicans released their E.P. titled Taking Texas Back on Taca Taca Records in October 2002. Their single, “Pinche Way” has been on rotation with radio station, 97.1 The Eagle, and has gotten great responses from the radio listens. Mad Mexicans was also nominated for “Best Rap Artist of Year” and “Best Rap Album of Year” in the The Eagle 97.1 (KEGL) Local Show Awards 2002.

Mad Mexicans will embark on a South Regional tour in the near future. Mad Mexicans is an event waiting for you to experience…COME GET MEXICANIZED!

Ay Te Watcho Rockeros,

– Mad Mexicans
Rivethead were a punk rock band from Minneapolis. Members have gone on to play with Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, The Gateway District, and The Pyongyang Metro.
Prior to their break-up they released two EPs, "The City Sound Number Five" and "The Cheap Wine of Youth." -
Gun Hill
Gun Hill
Gun Hill is an all original 5-piece groove metal band based out of Dallas, TX. We bring to the table a ton of influences including Alice in Chains, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Sevendust, Kill Devil Hill, Corrosion of Conformity, Down and many others. Our sound is uniquely powerful. You won't hear another band like us. Our powerful vocal assault flanked by two hard driving guitars and the rock solid foundation of the groovy rhythmic section mix together to keep you moving and engaged at our stage show.
When Angels Die
When Angels Die
A combination of beauty and melody contrasted against unparalleled aggression and chaos,
When Angels Die brings listeners well-crafted songs laced with next level musicianship that
raises the bar on what metal music is today.
Originally formed in 1992 in Dallas, TX, founding members Richard Tull, Neil Bertrand, and
David Osbourn created a musical bond that would prove to withstand the test of time. When
Angels Die quickly developed a loyal following due to their live show, over-the-top musicianship
and penchant for writing great hooks. Although the group disbanded in the mid 90’s, Richard,
Neil, and David remained in contact over the years following each other’s musical endeavors.
In 2015, the band decided to regroup for what was intended to be a studio only recording project
so they set out looking for a vocalist. It was agreed whomever the singer was to be must have a
voice and style all their own. Danny Reid proved to be the man for the job and soon after,
production for the band’s debut album ‘Reckoning’ began. Fueled by the excitement and results
of the past year’s studio efforts, the band has determined ‘Reckoning’ simply could not be a
studio only project and have decided to return to the stage.
When Angels Die draws influence from many different musical acts across multiple genres.
Throughout the years, band members have toured and shared the stage with countless major
label acts, been featured in Guitar World, Keyboard and Recording Magazines, and played with
Grammy Award winning artists.
Band Highlights: Danny Reid is the former vocalist for Within Chaos (KOCH/E1 Records) and is
also currently a member of Driven Below. Richard Tull founded industrial act Cyberwhore and
has had several tracks featured on MTV, as well as music used in film soundtracks. Richard
has also been featured in Guitar World Magazine, Keyboard Magazine, and Recording
Magazine. Neil Bertrand has played bass for Grammy Award winner Steve Archer and Dokken/
Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch. Neil has also been featured in several of guitarist Michael
Harris’ 'Revamp' videos and is currently a member of Daniel Rodriguez Trio. Neil is endorsed
by Intex Cables and Maurizio Über Basses. David Osbourn has played drums for Thee Final
Chaptre (WEI/Divebomb Records), Flush (Midwest Records), Nocturne (Triple X Records), Low
Gear (Padded Records), and is also currently a member of Driven Below. David is endorsed by
Silverfox Drumsticks and Soultone Cymbals.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226