Starlito & Don Trip

Starlito & Don Trip

Larry June, Scotty ATL, Cornerboy P, T.Y., The Outfit, TX, DJ Q

Thu, March 30, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$26.00 - $61.00

This event is all ages

BRIC’S BLOCK PARTY: March 30th, 2017 will be the 4th installment of Bric's Block Party concert series, and the first one of 2017. The last one featured Wiz Khalifa& DRAM, with surprise performances from Lil Flip, Curren$y, and Erykah Badu, & attracted 3500+ fans in Dallas at The Bomb Factory. With a capacity audience of 700 ppl at the legendary Trees venue in Deep Ellum, we are bringing it even more intimate with a great complete lineup alongside unique participation from the artists in the event. Bric's Block Party seperates itself from other traditional "one off" showcases by bringing a festival feel inside to venues, with the ultimate fan experience in mind. Bric's Block Party takes pride in it's show production to provide the optimal look for the artists involved and to leave the concert goers with a show like they have never seen before.

Starlito(formerly All $tar Cashville Prince) is an American rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for the 2005 song, "Grey Goose" which featured artists Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. His second single, released in 2007, was Champagne Crazy featuring then lablemate Lil Wayne. His third radio single was "I Go Ham" and would later also feature the Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. He is also known for working with rapper Young Buck and the Ca$hville Recordslabel earlier in his career.[1] He later briefly signed with major label Cash Money Records. During this time he would release numerous mixtapes under the label including The I Love You series and The Tenn-a-Keyan series. After basically no support from the Cash Money label he would release the song "B.M.F" translating to begging for my freedom, be my friend, or belittle my future. He was released from his contract and then put out the mixtape Free At Last as a proclamation of his freedom from his label situation with Cash Money Records. Since then, Starlito has release several projects that makes him your favorite rapper's favorite rapper (Kevin Gates, Young Dolph and others have been interviewing saying Starlito is their favorite) including "Black Sheep Don't Grin", "Im Moving To Houston", and most recently "Manifest Destiny" in 2017.
Don Trip
Don Trip
When Don Trip surveyed the music landscape a few years ago, he felt something substantial was missing. “Nobody’s giving you the full picture,” the Memphis rapper says. “We’re all human. We all go through different moods. Today we might be happy. Tomorrow we might check the mail and it’ll be all bills and your attitude’s totally different. My whole point is to show everything.”

So when Don Trip began recording material, he purposely focused on life’s highs and lows, on people’s triumph and pain, on our bliss and rage. One of his most powerful cuts was 2009’s “Letter To My Son,” witch details the pain he feels because he doesn’t get to see his son as much as he would like to. It’s an emotional, heartfelt song that documents the battle Don Trip was having with his child’s mother.

As a child growing up on the rugged East Side of Memphis, Don Trip never thought he’d be able to rap. He came from a fatherless household. His mother worked multiple jobs to take care of their family, which also included Don Trip’s brother and sister. By the time he was 15, Don Trip noticed that his family was falling apart.

So Don Trip turned to rap. He recalled the preteen rap duo Kris Kross, who emerged as platinum superstars in the early 1990s with fun raps. A child himself at the time, he was inspired that kid rappers with a lighthearted lyrical agenda could break through in the midst of the gangster rap renaissance.

As Don Trip started gaining clout in the underground Memphis rap scene, Memphis rappers such as Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat and 8Ball & MJG enjoyed a string of gold and platinum releases. The breakthrough 2005 film Hustle & Flow also documented the Memphis rap scene, further added to the city’s status in the rap world. All of this success made Don Trip believe in himself even more. Now there was a bona fide Memphis rap movement, something he could be a part of and emerge from.

Now that he has momentum, Don Trip is anxious to continue delivering the type of heartfelt material that has made him one of the hottest rappers today. “The more honest I am, the more open I am with exploring everything,” he says, “the more people will cling on and will be able to relate to what I’m saying.” Millions of people already do. Millions more will follow.

Fast forward a few years, he is refueled after a bad business partnership. Mr. Trip has returned, and is more driven than ever. With numerous projects to date, he plans to release his first ever studio album titled “Godspeed”, all with no major label, or any label for that matter. Stay tuned, he has so much more in store.
Larry June
Hip-hop could use a few surprises. Larry June gleefully obliges on his new EP, Larry. The Bay Area maverick is just as likely to rap about Whole Foods, cruising in a " Prius," and James Bond as he is to ruminate on life and his hometown. No matter what he's spitting about though, there's a good chance he's packing his fruit of choice, an orange. " My music is meant to be electrifying," he exclaims. " You wouldn't expect it. I believe in the element of surprise. That's what I'm working hard to do. Sock it to me!" Larry found himself surrounded by music growing up. Mom sang, and dad owned an independent rap label. At the age of five, they switched coasts to Atlanta in order to, as he puts it, " Get away from the craziness around us." Even though " there were too many trees and no beaches," the decade in Georgia saw him shape his musical sensibility before returning west at 15. After popping up on cuts like " Ain't Worried" alongside high school friend OG Maco, he quietly stirred up buzz in 2015 with a prolific run of seven mixtapes culminating on #GoodJobLarry. Merging Northern California lyrical technicality and booming bombast echoing the south, he attracted attention from blogs while cumulatively notching over 5 million Soundcloud plays with tracks like " Joog One Time" and " Glock 40." Simultaneously, he hit the road and began packing headline shows—even rewarding crowds with oranges when they " deserve it." The first single " 007" introduces the Larry EP with a bang. The smoky soundscape complements his brazen and breezy flow as he drops clever bars before paying homage to everyone's favorite Spy with an irresistible hook. Sean Connery would be proud. " James Bond is a player," he smiles. " He had nice guns. He had a nice car. He had nice ladies. You could never really figure him out. Sometimes, I feel like I'm 007. It's everything I said. I was having a good time in the situation." Elsewhere on the EP, " I'm Workin'," turns up with a big chant recorded in his kitchen. " I made that song because I was actually working," he goes on. " I was handling some business and recording, and I really wanted some pasta." Larry hopes to incite change in the music industry with his The Freeminded collective and Larry EP by keeping listeners on their toes. " It's about being comfortable with yourself and not worrying about anything," he leaves off. " You've got to do whatever you want to. I promote a whole different lifestyle. That's my reality."
Scotty ATL
Until now, Scotty has been a humble force brewing within the rap scene of New Atlanta. Always laid-back and "Cool", Scotty's newest project, F.A.I.T.H. (Forever Atlanta In The Heart) burned up the streets, taking Scotty ATL from a local hustler to a nationwide budding superstar. Armed with media support from XXL, Fader, SPIN, Pitchfork, Worldstar, LiveMixtapes, Hot 107, 94.5 and Ballers Eve; mixtapes hosted by the legendary DJ Scream and breakthrough DJ Burn One. Close relationships with artists like Cyhi, Young Dro and the fast-rising fellow Atalien Trinidad James, Scotty continues to push further into the public eye. His new video "GAME" featuring Trinidad Jame$ and Big Krit landed on 106 & Park as thenew joint of the day and is currently in rotation on MTV Jams. As part of #NewAtlanta, Scotty is the definition of what the various artists from different crews that identify with the "#NewAtlanta" trend represent: original, classic hip hop music with substance. It's artists like him who are giving rap fans a reason to finally pay attention to new ATL talent. Scotty grew up on the Eastside of Atlanta, raised by a single mother. Life wasn't always easy for him and the block he grew up on, so the "hood" topics we hear in his lyrics are a reflection of reality for this artist, nothing we hear is contrived. These days, Scotty navigates through the industry as a young boss full of nonstop hustle, integrity, a flawless live performance harkening the days of the real MC.
The Outfit, TX
The Outfit, TX
Born and raised Texans Dorian, JayHawk, and Mel make up the hip hop band The Outfit, TX. Consisting of two producers and three emcees, TOTX's story begins in the city of Dallas, where all three members are from. Enrollment at the University of Houston in 2006 brought middle-school partners Dorian and Mel to JayHawk and three years later, The Outfit, TX was formed.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226