It shouldn’t be too long before self-dubbed “boy band”, BROCKHAMPTON, makes their way into your life. This hip hop collective of rappers, singers, producers, and directors was formed in San Marcos, TX in 2015. Since then, they have all moved to Los Angeles, where they live together in what they call “The Brockhampton Factory”. Clearly, their close geographic proximity has had a direct effect on the speed at which their music is being produced, as their second album, Saturation II is already in the works, just weeks after the release of their debut album, Saturation (Jun. 2017).

Bent on causing listeners confusion with their “up-ended” hip hop, Brockhampton’s debut album demonstrates as much variation in sonic expression as there is members in the collective. All of the writing and production of their music is very literally done in-house, in their house. Additionally, Kevin Abstract (Brockhampton’s own), has directed all of their music videos, including their video for “Gummy”, the first release off Saturation II, below.

Kevin Abstract, group frontrunner, is climbing the ranks after the release of his solo album, American Boyfriend (Nov. 2016), and is taking the entire crew with him. Abstract recently landed a movie deal, a solo tour, and a series on Viceland documenting said tour. The twenty year old has been creating music since he was in the sixth grade, posting his tracks to Myspace for feedback. In a similar fashion, the men of Brockhampton came to know each other online, via a Kanye West fan forum, several years after Kevin’s Myspace days.

Their debut album, Saturation, was announced and released in under a month’s time and managed to chart, even if just for a moment. The boys of Brockhampton embraced notable acclaim for Saturation, but were hilariously giddy to recieve hate comments on their videos. To them, the objective of their work is to reach any and all people, and hate comments meant just that. Once this transpired, in some peculiar way, they knew their dream was tangible. They are in the process of producing Saturation II and will assuredly continue to make waves in the world of hip hop. This is a truly diverse group, with members from as near as Corpus Christi, TX and as far as Belfast, Ireland. To learn more about each individual member of Brockhampton, check out this feature by The Fader.