Azizi Gibson is Bringing a New Life Tour to Trees


Azizi Gibson doesn’t have a home. Raised in Thailand, he spent ten years in Maryland before relocating to his current base, Los Angeles. Azizi’s life has been one of melding cultures and experiences into something new and distinct. He comes to Brainfeeder with a loud voice and passion for good music. His music brings together unique experiences, a love for boundary pushing hip-hop, and a swagger with universal appeal. He’s about money, pussy, and success as much as the next rapper, but he doesn’t need to do the same thing as that next rapper to get his.

Azizi Gibson has always been a rapper, and he’s always been different. During his childhood in Thailand, he was banging Dre and Snoop, putting words together over any beat he could find. In high school in Maryland, he started establishing himself as a hip-hop presence, battling and recording. He saw opportunity in LA and took the plunge. Fate (and a chance encounter in the gym) brought him together with Flying Lotus. Now, using the Brainfeeder platform, Z has plans to launch himself and his preHISTORIC crew into the popular consciousness and bring them a taste of next level hip-hop.

Z’s words tell it like it is. His bars are comfortable and natural; nothing sounds forced. Catchy melodies spring out of the beat, grabbing the listener like a good punch line. His flow is distinctive and yet hard to pin down; a quick look through his discography shows that he can take any beat thrown at him and flip it into a personal, novel piece of music. On the surface, Azizi doesn’t bear much of a resemblance to Brainfeeder’s other artists, but his commitment to pushing hip-hop forward makes the LA label a perfect platform.

Azizi Gibson will be performing on August 4th at Trees in Dallas.

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